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Bath Tub Installation in London, Ontario

Make your bathroom an oasis, designed for serenity and function with a new bathtub installation in London, Ontario from Warehouse Guys. Our expert installation team will help you select the perfect style from our wide selection of bathtubs and bathroom accessories.

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BESTBATH at Warehouse Guys

Warehouse Guys has teamed up with BESTBATH, an ADL Bath and Shower manufacturer.

As we and those we care for age, it’s inevitable that we/they lose a little independence, but important to strive to keep our loved ones at home where they feel most comfortable, for as long as we or they can.

One of the toughest challenges is something we often take for granted… bathing. The stories we hear are common ones… “My mother is afraid to use her tub. She does not feel safe stepping in and out and has already fallen more than once. I’m worried we may have to put her in a care facility”, or “granddad has arthritis in his hands and can’t easily operate the shower and faucet handles at home any more. Should we hire someone to come in? He’s so independent. He’s not going to like that.”

But not only for our aging friends and family, what about our loved ones who have mobility issues or wheelchairs? Warehouse Guys can help you to keep your loved ones at home, safe and happy, where they want to be for as long as is possible. I can’t think of a better way to provide value and caring and to provide a quality of life they could not otherwise enjoy.

The value of the product really is beyond compare and the 30 year Warranty is one of the best in the business. Originating as a Handicap Accessible or Impaired Mobility bathroom supplier, BESTBATH makes the most solid product we have come across and now, they offer product for mainstream usage as well. They have literally thousands of options in Super Strong Composite Bathroom Fixtures. Their wall kit selection is endless and you can customize or modify in almost any way you desire. Accessible Tubs, Barrier Free Showers, Remodel, Grab Bars and Shower Seats build in or installed wherever you would like them.

They offer Custom Colors in any layout you can imagine and you can mix it up for a more exciting look. You can have borders in any color that you wish, individual colored tiles for accenting, whatever your desire.

Bathtub Construction Quality

These kits are designed to withstand accidents or even close calls. The wall kit itself is manufactured with strength and durability in mind. Bases, Pans and tubs are pre-leveled during the build for easier installation and reduced construction requirements.

The composite wall system uses a plywood core on every unit and a 6 layer composition which includes 2 waterproof layers, one at the surface (GelCoat, also used on marine craft) and one between the surface and the plywood for added protection from dampness. That being said, even the joints in the BestBath products are Leakproof, not just water resistant. Because of the superb construction of the Best Bath products, grab bars can be added at any time even 5 years down the road should you decide a new one is needed. BestBath offers the realism of Ceramic Tile without the headaches of grout.

Standard Tub Features

  • Twice the depth of normal tubs
  • Heated seats with timed controls
  • Pre-installed plumbing with all connectors for installation
  • Easy to operate drain mechanisms
  • Flip up seat

Available Upgrades

  • Jets
  • New “Syllent Pump” Quietest whirlpool pump available (also has a heat recycling feature for maintaining the temperature of the water and for cost cutting) – no seals or bearings to wear out and has a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Matching wall surrounds
  • Ozone Sanitation

ADL Tub Features

  • Right or Left Opening Unique Sliding Door and automatic safety latch and secondary drain in the door track
  • Contoured and Padded neck Pillow
  • 4 built in grab bars
  • Flexible location for drain handle

Available Upgrades

  • 7 Jet whirlpool with back, leg and foot massagers
  • Hygienic 20-Jet air massage system with 3 heated Jets
  • Multiple Color and finish options
  • Seatbelts and harness systems
  • Ergonomic door handle extensions
  • Anti-Scald control valves
  • Electronic touch pad with digital temperature display
  • Collapsible Water retainer keeps water in and compresses under foot or wheel
  • Semi Permanent Threshold (can be removed for wheeled access)
  • Color matched Safety Bars

Whatever your desire, come in and see what we have. A friendly and professional staff member will greet you, listen to what you want, show you what we do and help to ensure the job goes smoothly and you end up with what you had envisioned with a hassle-free install.

Warehouse Guys searches high and low to find only the best of installers. We have a reputation to uphold and the field staff is of utmost importance. It’s one thing to have a good product, but equally as important is how you are treated, especially in your own home.