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“Our experience with Durston Pools has been a 100% positive experience. It began when we were faced with the task of replacing our pool liner. We called for several quotes, but it was an easy decision to go with Durston Pools, because of the direct, forthright manner they showed in assessing the project, and very quickly arriving at a handshake agreement.
There were several obstacles that came up during the project, but they were all quietly and effectively handled, with never a hint of needing to change our original agreement.
The result was a beautiful liner installation, which added immensely to our summer enjoyment of our pool. Our experience was so positive that we have contracted with Durston Pools for all our pool maintenance needs.”
Barney just left from fixing the flooring. It looks Awesome. Can’t Thank you enough for making things right. You have gained our trust. We have never experienced this level of honesty and professionalism with renovators before. Warehouse Guys are true business people! I won”t have trouble mentioning your name to others.
“Guy Durston and his team installed our pool last summer and we are thrilled with the results. Our backyard was a challenge, to say the least, with limited access and grading issues. We weren’t sure we could put a pool in at all. To our amazement, Guy delivered and surpassed our expectations giving us a pool and backyard beyond our dreams. Thanks Guy, Dave and team for your hard work and professional attitude. It was pleasure to deal with people that take such pride in their work!”
Just saw that you guys came and installed the cover. Thank you. I was stressing about finding the time to get out there to grab it. You guys rock!
Great deals on nearly everything they sell! Service was awesome too. Bought a hottub, had a spa pack failure before first year was out… replaced, not just repaired, within 48 hrs. No problems since.
“Our pool is 25 years old needed a makeover! We had Durston Pools upgrade the liner, pump and add a salt water system. Our decision to hire Guy and his team for these upgrades was a great choice as they are a friendly and professional Pool Co. and we recommend them to all our friends and family…”
“Paul and I would like to extend our thanks to Guy and Dave for their impressive work during the installation of our pool. This is our first in ground salt water pool and we had several concerns about the process involved. Guy and Dave made it extremely easy to understand. They were always receptive to our numerous questions as the construction was progressing. They made themselves available even after long hours under the sun. They were patient and always willing to provide information about the different steps of the construction. Our concerns were put to rest at the end of each day because of their work ethics as a team.
From the first day we met Guy Durston, to the construction of the pool and the closing of the pool season, we felt that we were always in good hands. Our backyard is now proof of their professionalism and competency. Great job and thank you for making this experience so easy! We truly love our new addition!”
After returning from a wonderful soak in my newly working hot tub, words cannot describe my gratitude to you both for getting my hot tub up and running like new again.
Thanks for adjusting your schedule to accommodate me and for your patience during my moments of frustration.
Thanks again for all your efforts, they really are appreciated.
Need to do a “shout out” for these guys. I had to do the flooring in my rec room so checked out a few stores for price and products. Saw their ad in the paper and put them on my list even though they are on the other side of the city. Definitely worth the drive !!! The salesman was very knowledgeable and helpful. Price was excellent – $2.09 a foot for the laminate flooring he recommended. Choice was difficult as they had so much selection and all 15 mil. The salesman told me how to do the install which helped so much. I bought more than enough and have just now returned home from there with my credit in hand for the 3 boxes I did not need. In general these GUYS are awesome with price, service, and helpfulness. Highly recommend them to all.
“My name is Kerri Mesman and last summer (2012) I had to do a total restoration of my in-ground swimming pool. Being newly widowed and never having to do anything like this alone before, I found the whole idea of it terrifying and kept putting it off.
When I finally took the first step and made some phone calls for quotes, I was scared. My fears quickly dissolved upon receiving a call back from Guy Durston. Not only was Durston Pools the ONLY pool company to return my call that day, they were the only ones I heard from that week. Guy was there the next day to look over my pool and listen to my vision and my fears. He quickly reassured me that it was ok to be nervous and that he and his team would do everything they could to make this reno as smooth and as stress free for me as possible. He was definitely true to his word. And – I had my quote that evening!
For every stage of the reno, there was a new team with strict instructions from Guy. Before my husband passed away, he and our kids poured a patch of concrete around the pool and wrote their names in it. Guy left precise instructions with the demolition team to save that patch and re-sink it in the new pool deck. After a minor mishap cracked the patch, the concrete team went into trauma mode and patched it up, good as new. You would have thought that patch of concrete was a newborn baby the way all those big guys carried it around in plastic and protected it from any further damage before it was sunk into its new home in the new concrete.
Every team working here was aware of our situation and treated myself and my kids with concern and respect. They made us feel like our pool was the only one that mattered. They were always professional and always went out of their way to consult with me during each step. Even after the pool was finished, they were still there looking after us. Someone was stopping by almost every week to check our salt levels, make sure our pump was running well, checking the equipment and just making sure I was comfortable and had no concerns.
Our last step was to replace our diving board. The kids were ready to swim when Guy and his team came to install it. After it was in, he had them dive off of it to make sure it was perfect. They were so excited they wanted him to come swimming with them! That’s how comfortable he made them feel during this whole process. They can’t wait to see him when he comes to open the pool this spring. In the words of my 12 year old – “Durston Pools rocks!!” I agree 100%!”